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This 50W Solar Street Light features super-bright Individual LED's that will light up your yard in a matter of seconds. This Unit has been designed for great deal of Lighting Locations such as commercial Buildings, Resturants, Pathways, Parking Lots, Farms, Residential Yards/Lighting, Playgrounds/Parks.


  • Always On: The LED Light will stay on at full brightness all night long and automatically shutoff the following day
  • Induction/Radar: The light will stay On at 35% of the peak Brightness and when Motion is Detected the Light will turn ON to 100%
  • Light Timed Settings: The Light can be set up to stay On at full brightness capacity for a set amount of time then will automatically shut off. (2hr, 4hr, 6hr timed modes)

50W Solar LED Light

SKU: 0012
$79.00 Regular Price
$71.10Sale Price
Color: Black
  • This Style of product offers true

    Automatic Dusk to Dawn Adaptive lighting

    Automatic Motion Detection

    Timed Settings

    All Season Weatherproof Materials: Heavy Duty Resin Frame Provides a Extra Layer of Durability and Peace of Mind. These LED Solar Panel Lights are rated to get a charge with ice & Snow.

    A complete Wireless Electric Free Installation Process

    Remote Controlled

    These Lights Last up to 14 hours of backup battery aand 3-5 Hours of direct Sunlight to Recharge

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